Low pain day

I’m enjoying a low pain day today and not really being productive. But I’ve been on the keyboard and ukulele and practised my Spanish.

I’ve also done a work out/physiotherapy as I do everyday and it went especially well today.

A letter has come through with a referral to the community mental health team. So they’re going to do some kind of assessment next. I already had an assessment with the psychology department so I’m not really sure what’s going on. I wish the doctors would give you more information about who they’re referring you to and what’s going to happen. They do the assessment at my house which is good, because if my physical health is bad, I won’t have to cancel the appointment just because I can’t get there.

I’ve been writing a lot of poetry recently. Which I think shows how messed up my head has been. I write more when I’m struggling and I go to poetry more over short stories or working on my novel when I’m struggling as well.

I had a funeral on Monday and there’s some issues with my friends that I’m not sure what to do about. And I’ve been dealing with medication side effects.

I’m trying not to think about all the mess inside my brain and just enjoy my day with low pain (it’s a 3/10 which is really really good for me).

There’s not really much point to this post except I needed to write and get things out of my head.

I’ll write again soon.


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